madivents ltd.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
innovative event planning & strategic management




from conception to completion, our team of event producers, designers & technical directors flawlessly execute utilizing our proprietary management style and creative skillset. 

production | branded environments | corporate | social | live| media



we design and build creative activations that bring a brand to life. by transforming the brand identity into a tangible experience, we enable brands to break through the noise. 

trade shows | sponsorship | sporting events | in store | concerts & festivals | exhibits | visual merchandising 


we ideate marketing campaigns that disrupt the status quo and cultivate passionate fans. 

branded development | creative | tours | buzz | advocacy | lifestyle | stunt


in a world driven by technology, the line between offline and online communication is virtually nonexistent. by harnessing the power of evolving technologies, we build our clients a digital infrastructure thorugh which we can broadcast a brand message. 

viral | interactive | social media | analytics | influencers| media | ux