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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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about madivents ltd.


From concept to realization, madivents ltd. is an industry leader in the development and execution of worldwide event productions. Managing Director, Lygea Madison, a 20-year entertainment industry veteran, has received several accolades. Gea and her team have executed major events including The Papal Mass in Philadelphia, Samsung regional launch events, Made In America Music Festival, Special Events, iHeartRadio Music Festival and Jingle Ball Tour, BET Networks broadcast Specials, Tidal X, Congressional Blues Festival Concert and Gala, in addition to top events including NBA All-Star Halftime Shows, HBO Boxing Events, NFL/VH1 Concert Series and NFL Kickoff Concert

because we work with forward-thinking organizations, we work quickly and efficiently with sometimes seemingly impossible timelines. We're grounded in the face of chaos and have an incredible sense of prioritizing when everything feels urgent. 

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