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Thursday, September 21, 2023
crossing the t's and dotting the i's

typical event planning process

a typical event planning process


step 1:

agenda, content, and overall event experience

most people hire us to simply plan the event, but after being on the team for hundreds of different events, we have a thing or two to say about the step-by-step process to creating a well-attended event (and most of that starts with mission, theme, and sub-theme). We walk you through the ideation process and drive toward taking all your ideas and goals and structuring your event from top to bottom.

step 2:

location, vibe, and budget

after we have a sense for the event you’re trying to plan, we work together to create success metrics, put numbers against the plans we’ve made, and find some venues in your desired city that fit with the vibe you’ve described to us. We don’t just pick gorgeous venues, we try to find a venue that helps you create conversation, and is designed to create customer engagement.

step 3:

marketing and pr

we’re not just planners -- we know a thing or two about marketing. We work alongside you to create your easy-to-implement marketing plan for your event, complete with deadlines for early bird vs. ticket pricing, discount ticket strategies, and a framework for working with other forms of media for event promotion.

step 4:

planning and customer registration

we’re obsessed with customer service, and we guarantee a fast response to inquiries. Have us manage your registration process and get back to your attendees, while you focus on delivering your product.

step 5:

attendee communication

we have templates upon templates of communication sequences that we can use to help nurture your audience, both to get them excited about the event, AND after the event is over.

step 6:

speaker and sponsorship management

your favorite speaker said what? We work with you to create a streamlined, professional process to move speakers and sponsors from the initial conversation to getting them on-boarded as a part of the event (and of course, we have templates to help you reach out, too).

step 7:

the on-site experience and execution

with all our clients, we come to your event and manage the entire process, from setup to clean up. We’ll create a staffing plan that your team will plug into, and we’ll problem solve behind the scenes, so you can focus on your customers.

step 8:

nurturing your community post-event

now that you’ve hosted your community, it’s important to maintain your relationships with them. In our post-event debrief, we’ll talk about who at the event needs a follow up, and how you can continue to keep your “people” in your orbit.